Questions (and Answers)!

So Many Questions (And As Many Answers!)

Why Are We Doing This? Twofold- to encourage businesses to expand to a real brick-and mortar location by providing an opportunity to set up shop and test out business concepts. All the better if that location happens to be downtown!

When Will This Fun Happen? We plan to offer two opportunities in 2014, once in May and once during the fall. If things go really, swimmingly well, we may do a short Pop UP for the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season. If it goes as we hope, this will be just the beginning.

How Will Pop Ups Be Chosen? It will be a competitive selection process. DDA/DSDC and our sponsor partners will send out a Request for Proposals via local media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Downtown Blog, our website and others, through CoHab and advertised in The Forum. We might even hire a plane to skywrite it. (Or maybe not.)

What Type of Businesses Can Apply? All sorts. Fashion, jewelry, donuts, bakeries, smoothies, tech gadgets, if entrepreneurs can dream it, we’ll probably allow it (with some exceptions, obviously. Nothing risqué or embarrassing to the property owner, sponsors or downtown.) Some cities also encourage art installation Pop-Ups. We have a long list of great ideas for these shops.

Where Will These Pop Ups Be? We have identified three locations downtown ripe for a cluster of Pop UP Projects- the Red River District, Central Business District and Shreveport Common. In May, the Pop UPs will be in the Red River District under the Texas Street Bridge in downtown Shreveport, a shaded, attractive space between historic Commerce Street and the Clyde Fant Parkway. There are several available storefront spaces in the RRD. We will choose the space that is best for you but will encourage your input on the square footage and amenities that you will need in your space. All will be equipped with electricity, climate control and nearby bathroom access.

What Will the Business Owner Need to Provide? You will need to staff your Pop UP and have it open during the dates and times specified. You will be responsible for setting your store up, acquiring the shelving and stands needed to show off your products in the best possible light and having products available for sale or viewing. You will be responsible for helping us market you and your products or ideas by working with us with the media, inviting your friends to come downtown to shop at your store and participating in events we will be hosting to show off our Pop UPs.  We feel like it’s very true that the more you care and put into your Pop UP, the more successful it will be.

What Will DSDC/Citizen’s National Bank Provide?  We will provide the location for your Pop UP rent free, marketing for your Pop UP and business, lending, business and banking advice as needed, signage for your Pop UP and the insurance needed for you Pop UP. We will make it as logistically simple for you as possible.



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