The Story of the Pop UP Project


In 2014, the Downtown Shreveport Development Corporation and Citizen’s National Bank will show that Downtown is ‘Open for Business’ by providing select entrepreneurs with an opportunity to have commercial space rent-free in which to show the viability of their business or commercial endeavor.

It’s no secret to us – Shreveport is home to a multitude of creative talent in both our small business and artist communities. Even better, sometimes these two communities collide!

As part of our first-ever Pop Up programming in 2014, we plan to activate empty storefronts in two target commercial districts with retail and art installations, sourced from Shreveport’s very own aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives.

Vacant storefronts identified and vetted by the DSDC and Downtown Development Authority will be offered to both current and aspiring businesses through a Request for Proposals that will be scored by a team interested in helping bring Downtown back to (retail) life! Those chosen will be given first floor storefront space rent-free for a still-to-be-determined period of time (two weeks to one month) that will allow them to test the viability of their business plan.

The benefits of the Pop Up Program are many: It will match business owners & entrepreneurs with downtown property owners, create a strong marketing opportunity for the business, the property and downtown, engage the downtown community with new pedestrian opportunities, and encourage more new businesses!

The Downtown Shreveport Pop Up Project is an opportunity for people to turn ideas into reality, for dreamers to become doers.


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