Pop UP Locations

Shreveport Common Foodie Fest Pop UP– Monday, Nov. 3- Friday, Nov. 7. The Shreveport Common Pop UP is going to be an exciting one to anyone who likes to eat or cook! Many cities across the country have a location for a food truck court. During the week, we will be unveiling our Pop UP Court at the corner of Common and Crockett Streets. The court will feature several trucks as well as food vendors of other sorts, outdoor seating, music and more.

Across the street at Central ARTSTATION, the engine room will be transformed into Central EATSTATION and will be populated by purveyors of many different food-related items. It will also house indoor seating AND be a location for lunchtime and after-work cooking classes and food-related demonstrations of all types.

food court_pop UP

Layout of the Pop UP Food Court @ the corner of Common and Crockett

Holiday Market Pop Up, Red River District  November 17-December 31. (Hours are still to be determined.) Join us as we take Pop UP back to the space where it all began, the Red River District under the Texas Street Bridge. The scene of the original downtown Pop UP, the Red River District will host a Holiday Market Pop UP that will run from November 17- December 31 to capture the holiday crowds associated with Black Friday and the Christmas season. Several different locations within the Red River District will be available including Suite 600, 650, 700, 900 and 100. The commercial kitchen at Cohab will not be available but should you wish to bring in a stove to the Suite 700 space, it would be appropriate for food service. Red River District revised suite map - Feb 14 2014


6 thoughts on “Pop UP Locations

    • Hello- Debra Camus with Lea Hall Properties is the property manager. Her phone # is 318-221-1234. She would be very happy to show you around and answer any questions you might have!

    • Hi MC-
      Lea Hall Properties is the property manager for the Red River District. Call Debra Camus at 318-221-1234 and she can walk you through and tell you about rental options and the like. Suite 900 is a sweet suite, pardon the pun. It’s just the right size and in a perfect location.


    • Hi Greg:
      The rules, regs and application process for round two of the Pop UP Project will be posted in the next couple of weeks. Once we have all the details nailed down, we will let you know. Thanks for your interest! Liz

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