Shreveport Common Foodie Fest

The next Pop UP, the Shreveport Common Foodie Fest, is a bit different from the others in that it is going to focus on all things food and food-related.


We will have an outdoor FOOD COURT at the corner of Commerce and Crockett that will be set up the entire week of Nov. 3-7. We have room for 6-7 full-size trucks or trailers and several smaller carts. It will be much easier to bring the trucks and leave them, rather than driving them back and forth each day. We would like this to be a ‘permanent’ court for this week. Electrical power will be provided for the trucks so no generators will be needed. When you apply for the food court, please send: dimensions of your truck, trailer or cart and your menu. Be CREATIVE in your menu, realizing that people are interested in different foods each day. At the very least, you must be willing to be operational from 11 am- 2 pm each day. On certain days, we will schedule some after-5 events.


Across the street at Central ARTSTATION (801 Crockett), the Engine Room will be open for other food and food-related vendors. This could be people who sell or sharpen knives, make aprons, salsas, jellies or take-away casseroles. You know what is food-related, we don’t need to explain. We are also looking for people who wish to give cooking or item-related demonstrations. Can you balance a George Foreman grill on your head while discussing the benefits of papaya juice? We want you! If you are interested in only giving a demonstration but not being a week-long vendor, contact us directly at with the topic of your talk and anything you will need for it (electricity, George Foreman grill, etc.)

PopUP_application_2014 (Click on the application link to go to the .pdf application file.)

All applications for the Shreveport Common Pop UP must be turned in via email to, via fax at 318-222-3731 or in person at 401 Edwards Street, Suite 205 (Louisiana Tower) by noon on MONDAY, October 13 to be eligible. If you wish to apply for the Red River District Holiday Market Pop UP, those applications are due Monday, October 27 at noon.  If you have already sent in an application expressing interest, no additional paperwork is needed. 

Downtown Shreveport Development Corporation, Downtown Development Authority and Citizens National Bank are seeking creative and innovative proposals for activation of vacant storefronts in Downtown through the use of a broad range of pop up retail and arts ventures. We are seeking applications from commercial retail businesses, retail business start-ups and entrepreneurs, and arts and culture related businesses that will provide the most high quality and innovative approaches to activating spaces Downtown.

I. Background In 2013, the City of Shreveport, DSDC/DDA & Citizens National Bank determined that a Pop UP Project Downtown could lend excitement and vibrancy to vacant storefronts. Similar programs exist in other cities, and were researched as benchmarks for the Shreveport program. For examples of Pop Up storefronts in other cities, please visit the following websites: Birmingham pop up: Pittsburgh project: Seattle art storefronts:

II. Project Goals Goals of “Pop UP: Downtown Shreveport” include an increased daytime and nighttime sense of vibrancy, safety and economic health of Downtown, increased economic viability, provide businesses and building owners/managers with an opportunity that could lead to permanent locations and to create functional and engaging spaces.

III. Awards & Project Budget Pop UP: Downtown Shreveport will provide the location and the insurance needed for the location, the marketing and advertising of the Pop Up, and temporary exterior signage.

IV. Criteria, Selection Process & Project Development The intent of the project is to be as flexible as possible and to foster the greatest opportunity for innovation and creativity. Each businesses should provide the information requested below as well as a one-page business overview. Good photographs of your products are strongly encouraged. Each business should be prepared to occupy space during the dates noted below. Please do not submit an application if you cannot Pop UP for those dates. 

All applications will be reviewed by a Committee consisting of members of the DDA, DSDC, Citizens National Bank and other Downtown stakeholders. The Committee will match selected applicants with vacant storefronts based upon each project’s needs and available storefronts. The Committee may choose to develop a wait list of additional applicants, and/or provide a revolving storefront that will support multiple short term pop up projects. The Committee reserves the right not to fill the spaces if suitable applicants are not found. Those selected will work with Pop UP staff to solidify plans for each space. Project participants will report to the Pop UP project manager, who will assist them with the implementation of their projects. Participants will have several days to install the project upon or within each storefront. Dates of the Pop UPs are:

Central Business District- Sept. 22- Oct. 3  (Applications Closed for this Pop UP)

Shreveport Common- November 3-7

Holiday Market, Red River District- Nov. 17- Dec. 31

V. Eligibility Businesses, entrepreneurs, and artist/artist teams in Northwest Louisiana and beyond. VI. Timeline Application Deadline for Shreveport Common Pop UP: Noon on September 22, 2014 VII. Proposal Requirements: 1. Proposal Requirements: Cover Page with Contact Information:

  • Name & Contact Information (address, email, telephone number)
  • If a collaborative, list all the names and contact information for all the partners, but indicate the lead for the group. This person is who we will contact.

Your Narrative Summary and Application Photographs of what you intend to sell! You may return your proposal to us either via email to, via fax at 318-222-3731, or in person at 401 Edwards Street, Suite 205 (Louisiana Tower) by noon on September 22.

REMEMBER that the deadline for your submission is September 22 at noon CST.

VIII. The Fine Print The storefronts can be retail ventures, installations, gallery spaces, or any combination thereof. For art projects, all media, combinations of artistic teams, and art forms will be considered. Activation of the storefront facade Monday-Friday during daytime hours is mandatory.  Store days and hours will vary depending on the Pop UP location. If electronic equipment or other valuable or delicate objects or mechanisms are part of the storefront installation, the proposal should address how security will be ensured. Neither the program nor the property owner will be responsible for theft or damage of artwork or other storefront contents. Please note all proposals will remain confidential until accepted into the program. Upon acceptance into the program, all Pop UP retail tenants will be asked to give their permission to be featured on television and social media and in publications and marketing materials.


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